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Wedding Week: Invision Events

This week I am dedicating all of my posts to one theme: weddings!! I am so excited about this challenge and I cant wait to show you what I have come up with! I have posts from wedding professionals, friends, and some by myself as well. I will have my regularly scheduled posts, but just with the theme of weddings (with the exception of the 30x30 tomorrow). There will be a ton of posts this week, more than usual, so come back for some great content!

I am so excited to kick of Wedding Week with a post from my dear friend Courtney-the OTHER Courtney. Courtney and I met while working at Ann Taylor together one summer and have remained close friends ever since. When I decided to do Wedding Week on the blog this month, I knew that Courtney would be the perfect person to talk about her newest career venture-Invision Events
The beautiful Mrs. Courtney Wolf
Fresh off her own wedding planning, Courtney married her best friend Greg in September.  A two time graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Marketing and her MBA she is the newest team member at Invision. She has a unique background in the logistics and execution of the fine details surrounding a wedding and as a natural “Type A,” truly enjoys seeing it all come together. Currently she serves as the Wedding Director for the Birmingham area and manages Invision’s marketing. When she’s not busy planning and organizing weddings she enjoys traveling with her husband, listening to Dave Ramsey, and frequenting the Drybar.

Founded in 2005 by Julie Bunkley, Invision Events is the premier wedding planning firm for ultra personalized weddings in Alabama and Georgia. Their philosophy is simple: create a wedding that reflects the couple’s personality and love and let them shine throughout the day. It is all about you and your vision. They just make it come together. Full planning and day-of services are offered regionally and include Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Auburn, Atlanta, and Columbus. 

Courtney and I both think that hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is something that we both wished we had done. So we wanted to share some of our former bride advise with all of you!

What services do you offer as a “day-of” wedding coordinator?
As a day-of coordinator, we offer the same services our full service wedding packages include, but just for the actual wedding day.  We start about thirty days out and contact all vendors and finalize the logistics and timeline for the day. We allow for two face to face consultations with the bride and unlimited phone and e-mail the month leading up to the wedding. We oversee and direct the rehearsal, ceremony and reception. We coordinate and execute all the events of the day including toasts, cake cutting, grand entrance/exit, bouquet/garter toss, first dances, etc. Additionally, we are always able to make vendor recommendations and put brides in touch with various professional we know and trust.

What does a day-of coordinator cost?
Our day-of wedding management package starts at $1,000 and includes myself and an assistant at the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

What are the benefits of hiring a day-of coordinator?
Oh, there are lots! Peace of mind, no stress, and not having to “think” on your wedding day are just a few. Truly, hiring a day-of coordinator allows the bride (and groom) and her closest friends and family to just enjoy the day and not have to worry about anything other than looking and feeling gorgeous. We take care of all the details and if a problem arises we promptly solve it. 

Do you create a day-of timeline for the wedding party/family?
Yes! We actually develop a timeline for the entire wedding party and family and then a separate timeline for all the vendors. We also create and keep a master timeline. This really helps everyone understand the expectations surrounding the day and where they need to be and when. We are all about a smooth, easy, and flawless day that flows well.

What are some things that you take care of that a bride (or groom) might not expect?
Recently a Mother of the Bride lost her purse, we worked with the hotel and event staff to find it. When a bride and groom were ready to leave earlier than expected, we contacted their getaway driver to get him en route immediately. We always gather all the personal items at the end of a reception and make sure they get placed in the correct hands. No worrying about what happened to your bouquet, guest book, or that top layer of wedding cake for your first anniversary!

Do you help set up the reception site? Do you ever create space plans?
Yes and yes. We oversee everything on the wedding day including both the reception and ceremony design and set-up. We are not afraid to get our “hands dirty” and set up tables, chairs or linens. And we are always happy to handle minute details such as your place cards or ensuring your guest book and cake topper get displayed just the way you want them. There are certain limitations, however. We do not have any experience with professional lighting or band and musician equipment, so we leave that to those guys!

Do you coordinate the rehearsal and reception in addition to the ceremony?
Definitely! As part of our day-of wedding management package we will oversee and direct your rehearsal, ceremony and reception. We don’t leave any stone unturned regarding your wedding weekend. We truly take pride in executing the fine details of a bride’s dream wedding.

Why is it important to hire a day of coordinator, even on a budget?
It is important to hire a day-of coordinator (at the very least) because you have just spent so much time, energy and money planning the wedding up to this point. I would hate to see it all go down the drain because there was no professional there to bring it all together. This is the biggest day of your life you should be able to enjoy it free from stress, worry and frustration.

Why should someone hire a professional coordinator as opposed to a family member or friend?
Well, for one, we are professionals. Invision has been planning, designing, and coordinating weddings since 2005. We have a lot of experience and know how to handle even the most difficult of situations. Also, by hiring a professional, you are allowing your friends and family to enjoy the big day, too. I feel like sometimes brides forget their wedding day is just as much of a milestone and celebration for their mom, sister or aunt as it is for the bride herself. Because our package is priced affordably, every bride can enjoy the luxury of a professional planner on her wedding day, no family coordinating required here! 

Thanks Courtney (and the other great wedding professionals over at Invision Events) for your time talking to all the future (and former!) brides out there. I hope everyone will check out their website and blog and use them for future wedding planning needs! 

*All photos used with permission from Invision Events!! Please go over to their blog to see SO many more beautiful images!

*Come back tomorrow for what to wear to any summer wedding!

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