Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kate Spade

When I found out about the Style Soirees hosted by Pinterest Told Me To, I was super excited to have another themed challenge. Then I started researching this month’s inspiration, and I realized how hard this was going to be. It is really a difficult task to take a piece of inspiration and interpret it in any way you want. This month’s inspiration is Kate Spade, purse and accessory guru. Because I did not have a TON of time to plan this one out, I decided to use as many Kate Spade accessories as possible as a base to create outfits for weddings, all using Kate Spade items.  I have options for a casual wedding, a church wedding, a more formal wedding, and a formal wedding (not black tie, just formal). So check out my wedding looks created around style icon Kate Spade.


Kate Spade church

I just about died when I saw this beauty of a bag, and I instantly knew that I wanted to pair it with another pattern. Instead of pairing it with a clothing item that was patterned, I chose a pair of pattern wedges and chose a top and maxi skirt that pulled colors from the bag. With colors and patterns like these, my instinct was to pair them with a neutral, but I love the bold colors of the top and bottom and this color combo is so hot right now! The length of the skirt is perfect for an afternoon wedding in a chilly church and could easily be changed out by a flippy skirt in the same color for an outdoor wedding. 


Kate Spade formal

This look started with the shoes. I knew that I couldn’t leave these amazing shoes out, so I knew I had to create a look around them. The short, flirty black dress is the perfect canvas to let these shoes shine, and the pearls keep it classy. The neutral bag ties the whole look together, and the whole thing is just dressy enough for a formal wedding.

Kate Spade work

I LOVE this dress. I am pretty much dying over it. I love the bright colors, and I think this look is perfect for a dressier wedding (or even a less formal late afternoon wedding). 

Kate Spade Casual
Ok, so this outfit isn’t as casual as they usually are, but this outfit could be worn to a casual lunch or even to run errands, in addition to a wedding. I am dying over this skirt, and I love the pattern play with the floral wedges. The yellow bag and earrings tie into the skirt and the white peplum top balances out all the color and pattern in the other outfit pieces.

What do you think of my looks created around style icon Kate Spade? Would you wear any of them to a wedding?

Stick around today for a post on Bridesmaid fashion by one of my dearest friends (and fellow fashionista and blogger!), Sarah in the Suburbs

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  1. I'll take one of each! These are all adorable! Thanks so much for sharing at the Kate Spade Style Soiree!


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