Thursday, December 13, 2012

Change of plans and a few linky parties!

Well, I was going to write about my Christmas "mantle" today, but then I realized it was time for a


Some of you may know that I love reading blogs. Mostly decorating blogs, but I dont discriminate. One of my favorite is The Lettered Cottage. Again this year, they have teamed up with a few pretty cool blogs to host a few linky parties. Just in case you dont know what this awesome festivity is, a linky party is where a team of bloggers (or sometimes just one) host various themed posts on their blog with a link to put on your own blog, where you will then write a post about said theme. All the links show up at the bottom of the host's page, so its like one big linky party down there where all the crafty things get to hang out! So today, I will be participating in my very first linky party!! 

Without further ado, here is my post on my not one, but TWO Christmas trees! I hope you enjoy it and that you stick around for how-tos and more fun here throughout the Christmas season and beyond!

The leaning tower of Treesa.
My living room tree is a pretty basic, not so expensive tree. In fact, it was probably the cheapest one in the store. After 3 Christmases now, it is not looking so hot. So I knew I wanted to cover it fairly extensively to hide all the gaps as much as possible. My theme for my living room decorations this year is a mix between old-timey Christmas (with the plaid and gold) and rustic Christmas (with the wood and more muted colors). I bought this ribbon half-off at Hobby Lobby for $4.99. I just wrapped it around the tree a few times til it looked like I wanted it to.

I didnt take pictures of the next step, but I felt it necessary to share with you my method of tree decoration. Because I am slightly OCD (and a little obsessed with Christmas), I have to separate my ornaments into colors. Once I do that, I put each color on the tree, one at a time. This also applies to themed ornaments (like snowflakes or stars, etc). While it may seem a little excessive to some, it really does make a difference in how balanced the tree is.

So here is a photo dump of how the living room tree turned out:

Aint she purdy? I will post a how-to on how I make my bows next week, but for now, you get my pretty trees!! Here is my bedroom tree:

The tree in my bedroom matches the decor in the bedroom. It is turquoise and silver and white. And I love it!!

Well there you have my pretty trees! I had planned to do one on the front porch and that may happen this weekend, so stay tuned for that!!

Here is the link for the linky party if you are interested!
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