Tuesday, May 14, 2013

30x03 Week 2

Here is part 2 of the 30x30!

In case you missed it, here is a recap of last week. (Check out my 30 items here and last week's post here!)



This week was still pretty easy. I have worn most of the items in my set at least once now, so I will start to mix and match more in the coming weeks. I did more of a casual set this week, and I really like the options for outfits outside of work. Last week I wore my boots a lot, so I also tried to switch up my footwear some.

This is the only picture I got that was halfway decent of this outfit.

Day 7

*Loft Floral pencil skirt, same
*New York and Company White ruffle collar sleeveless top, similar
*Tan belt (came with a dress), similar
*Corral boots, similar
*Added a navy sweater that wasn't included in my item list!
I LOVE this outfit. I stalked this skirt for about a month before I finally bought it, and I ended up getting it for $23! This outfit works for work, church, or anything, and I LOVE it! I seem to be wearing this belt a lot, so I may try to change it up some.

Day 8

*Gap blue plaid button-up, similar
*Old Navy skinny jeans, similar
*Silver and white Tom’s, similar
*Coral drop necklace (gift from mom), similar

I wore this to go see Iron Man 3 with Ben. We went to this great local place that serves food and beer in the movie-you sit at tables with bucket chairs and it is $12 for dinner and a movie. You cant beat that for a cheap date night!

Day 9

*Gap black one shoulder top, similar
*Loft denim roll-up shorts, same
*Rainbow flip flops, same
*Turquoise necklace from Target, similar

I wore this out with Ben again and I think it is a fun casual date night outfit. I wanted to try to wear more of my casual stuff this week, and this outfit could easily be dressed up with a blazer and more formal shoes.

Day 10

*New York and Company Khaki Pencil skirt, similar
*Merona (Target) floral sleeveless top, same
*Mossimo (Target) Teal Blazer, same
*Nine West nude wedges (from DSW), similar

This shirt is another one of those items that I stalked for a while before I bought it. I knew I wanted to wear it with my pencil skirt, and I love the turquoise blazer for some fun and color. It is fun and fashion forward, and so perfect for spring!

Day 11

*APT 9 (Kohl’s) maxi skirt, similar
*Gap red t-shirt, similar
*Rainbow flip flops, same

I never would have thought to pair this red shirt with a purple skirt, but I actually really like this combo! And I could add a denim jacket, making it appropriate for a cooler spring night like we have been having here in Florida!
Day 12

*Gap Light Pink A-line skirt, similar
*Gap leopard ruffle tank, similar
*Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Cream Boyfriend Blazer, so similar its basically identical!
*Dr. Scholl’s tan wedges,  similar
*Francesca turquoise earrings, similar
*Michael Kors rose gold watch, same
*Belt, no idea where it came from, similar

I wore this to church this Sunday. Ben said that I was showing too much skin on top for church (and I agreed), so I added the blazer. I love that it makes it more polished of a look. This would be appropriate for work, too!

Next week I hope to take better pictures. I think I have stepped my game up with each challenge, so hopefully I can get my act together and take better pictures than just standing in my hallway! I hope you have been checking out the wedding week posts this week! Tomorrow I have some more great posts about wedding fashion so come back then and check them out!

 And I will leave you with a great blooper picture from this week:
You're welcome :) 

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  1. I love love love the last outfit!! Love the leopard and the texture of the skirt is a great contrast!! In pre-styling potential outfits I styled/wore a skirt and shirt combo similar to your Day 5!! haha great minds think alike!! Your date night outfits look comfy yet cute!! Great job...oh and i have the Target Merona floral print but in a skirt :)

  2. I really like your floral skirt and the red and purple outfit! I'm trying to decide if I can do mint green and red this week, we'll see!

  3. That skirt from day 7 is gorgeous and it looks so good on you!

  4. Great job! I love how you change your look up so much from day to day!

  5. Day 9 is my favorite, you dressed up that simple black top with such a colorful necklace!

  6. I really love your days 8 and 9 outfits! And both necklaces, too! :) I wish we had a cheap movie theater like that! We have a movie tavern but the food cost extra so its not that cheap! Where in FL do you live? I grew up in Orlando!

  7. I love that floral top in Day 10! Might need to get one for myself!


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