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The Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding Gift Guide
 For today's Wedding Week post, I have put together a few ideas for what to give for any upcoming event. If you have questions or more suggestions, please comment!

If its your wedding:
What to give your bridesmaids
*Jewelry that they will wear in your wedding is great, but consider giving them something personalized instead. If you live close to water, a monogrammed beach bag or towel is great. Or maybe a monogrammed koozie. Or monogrammed anything. We southern ladies love anything with a monogram on it. I love the idea (if your budget permits) of a whole themed gift bag. I gave my girls personalized market baskets with a monogrammed shirt (to wear the day of) and a Lilly Pullitzer wine glass to use while we got ready (and beyond), but you could go so much futher than that! I have put together some great ideas for a personalized beach bag containing all the items a proper southern belle needs for her trip to the gulf or the lake!


     *A tip for monogramming-unless your girls are married, try to stay with just their first names. If you    include their last names, then it will be a gift that they cant use forever. So stick with first names and they will use it forever!

What to give your groomsmen
*Give them something that is practical. A great idea is to gift them their tie and a personalized flask. Or tickets to a sporting event in your town with a tee shirt. A great idea is to give them something unique that they can use in the wedding. For example, Ben gave his groomsmen Costa sunglasses as their wedding party gift. The pictures of all the guys in their sunglasses is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding!

What to give to wedding day helpers
*A gift card for a spa day or a nice dinner out. I know with my wedding I had a team of family friends that worked their tails off to make my day happen. While it isn’t practical to give everyone that moves a chair a nice gift, consider thanking those that really make the day happen with a nice gift that they can use to spoil themselves. It will definitely not be expected and will definitely be more than appreciated!

What to give your flower girl and ring bearer
*An age appropriate craft. You can give them clothing items with “Ring bearer” or “Flower girl,” but I think it is so neat to give them something that they can make when they get home. It will remind them of their special part in your big day! (Just check with the parents to make sure your gift is appropriate for their lifestyle or rules!)

What to give your groom
*Ben and I did not exchange gifts at our wedding. It just seemed silly to us. I know its not to everyone, but I thought the rings we gave each other were the perfect gift. If you have the money to give an extravagant gift, go for it! Spoil your soon-to-be spouse! But if you don’t, a simple letter about how you are excited about your futures is gift enough. And I can promise THAT is a gift that will be cherished forever!

If you are an invited guest:
What to give at a bridal shower
*Pick something off of her registry or team up with someone else to get her something more expensive. Every bride wants her fine china and silver, so try picking something out of that. Or come up with a basket with a few small items in the same category, like the one below. It is a great gift and one that will get LOTS of attention at the shower!

What to give at a couple’s shower
*Generally, these have a theme. So if you are invited to a couple’s shower with a theme, go with that. But when buying this gift, keep the groom in mind. The bride will be inundated with things for her new home and all the things that SHE wants. Because of this, the groom often gets left out. So consider a nice set of grilling tools (or team up with other couples to give them a grill!) or a personalized Tervis Tumbler with his favorite sport team logo (Ben loves his. Its one of his favorite gifts ever!). It will make him feel special and appreciated-and what bride doesn’t love for her man to feel appreciated??

What to give at a lingerie shower
*Dont give her trashy lingerie (unless she requests it). Stick with something pretty and classy, or even some comfy pajamas. One of my favorite gifts at mine was a sleep set from Soma. Give her something she will wear over and over instead of something that will sit in her drawer except for a few times a year!

What to give someone you don’t know very well
*Give her something monogrammed with her new name. It will be inexpensive and personal, and something that she will use again and again!
What to give on a budget
*Gift cards are always great, even if they are in small amounts. Gift cards were some of our favorite gifts because they allowed us to get some of the bigger ticket items that we knew people wouldn’t buy off of our registry (like the Kitchenaid mixer. Best. Thing. Ever.)
*If you feel that gift cards are too impersonal, consider a handmade gift. Here are some great links to DIY date night projects that you can prepare for the new couple that don’t require a lot of money. (Bonus? You get the date ideas for yourself, too!)

What to give if you are in the wedding party
*I don’t believe it is necessary to give a huge gift if you are a member of the wedding party (after all, your presence is present enough, right?). A nice gesture would be a picture of you with the bride (or groom) or team up with the other wedding party members to give a gift certificate for a night out. I think that is such a great gift-giving this newlywed couple a chance to go out, even if their budget is tight!

Come back tomorrow for 2 more posts on weddings!

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  1. And when you favorite son in law gives you a pair of your own Costa sunglasses....that's even better!


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