Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect Summer Wedding Outfits

Today I want to share with you the perfect outfit for any summer wedding. Whether you are going to a casual or formal wedding, I have the perfect options for your event. I tried to keep my items to prices I would actually pay, so hopefully this will help some of you out!

Casual outdoor wedding 


*Casual sundress in a fun color: a casual dress in a fun color (or even pattern!) keeps things fashion forward without grabbing attention from the bride. Because that is just not a good idea!
*Flats or wedges: For an outdoor wedding, flats or wedges are best. I always hate wearing a pretty pair of heels and sinking into the ground all night!
*Accessories with a natural twist: These are great at keeping your ensemble casual, and are a great way to keep things summery and appropriate for any outdoor party.

*Stilettos: Like I said before, sinking is a bad thing. Unless it’s sinking into a super comfy bed or a bubble bath :)
*White: This goes for all weddings really (I don’t care what any rule says you can or cant do), but don’t wear white. Please. If you aren’t the bride, don’t wear white. It’s just rude.
*Denim: I know its tempting to wear denim to a casual event, but just don’t do it to a wedding. Unless the bridal party (i.e. groomsmen) is wearing it, don’t even think about it. Even then…please just don’t. 

Casual Indoor Wedding

*Sundress with a sweater or a light jacket: Churches tend to be a little chilly in the summer months (at least here in the south), so a sweater or light jacket is a great idea to throw on over your sundress. A colorful blazer is a great option and is SO incredibly on trend!
*Closed toe or peep toe pumps: A more demure shoe is appropriate for a church setting, and you wont sink into the ground walking in!
*Bring flats for reception: Flats can easily be thrown into a clutch purse (or kept in the car) for a quick change. No one wants to dance in restricting high heels!

*Anything too dressy: This is a casual event, after all! Keep it light, fun, and flirty and leave the sequins for the club.
*Skin revealing or too-tight outfits: Just like the sequins, provocative outfits just aren’t appropriate for a church wedding. Cover the girls up and loosen the fabric a little please! 

Semiformal Wedding


*Cocktail dress or dressy sundress: Don’t wear a super casual sundress. If this is a semi-formal wedding, just stick to what you would wear to a dance or a night at the theatre.
*Pretty heels: Now is the chance to throw in some fun! You don’t have to be as conservative or casual as other wedding types, so play up your look with an edgy sandal.
*Black is totally ok: Black used to be a faux pas at weddings (funeral, anyone?), but now it is a timeless and elegant option. Keep it fun with bright accessories or metallic anything!

*Flip-flops: I have been guilty of this in the past, and I still think they are ok to change into for the reception (although I often go barefoot…whoops). But please don’t wear them with your pretty dress! I don’t care how dressy they are…just don’t do it!
*A little sparkle goes a long way: A little bling is always a good thing (think diamond studs or a tennis bracelet), but for the semi-formal event, keep your bling to a minimum. No flashy sequins or over the top jewelry.
*No full-length dresses: In some cases, a dressy maxi is appropriate (especially for a wedding with an outdoor reception), but on the whole, long dresses are best kept to more formal events. 

Formal Wedding


*Go long: A cocktail dress is totally appropriate for a formal wedding, but when do we ever have a chance to dress up? If you are invited to a formal or black tie wedding, go long! Pick a simple dress that you can wear time and time again, and play it up with accessories.
*Glam it up: Speaking of accessories, now is the time to glam it up with your jewelry! Pick pieces with some serious sparkle. Gold is a favorite of mine: you can never go wrong with art deco or hammered gold pieces!
*Bring flats: Formal weddings are the best place to wear your fancy heels. But don’t forget those flats for walking around and dancing!

*Don’t wear a daytime dress: Please just don’t wear a sundress to a formal wedding. It’s just not appropriate. The bride has taken a lot of time to set a formal and fancy atmosphere, so please dress accordingly!
*Nothing too flashy: Don’t don a dress with a slit up to high heaven, and don’t wear a full sequined ball gown. Please remember that the bride is the star of the day, and if she didn’t tell you to outshine her, DON’T!

I hope you take these tips with you when shopping for an outfit for your next summer wedding!

Stay tuned later today for the 2nd installment in the Spring 30x30 challenge, and come back tomorrow for TWO MORE wedding themed posts!

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  1. I definitely like the last one the best. You don't want to wear a white dress to a wedding, and the first one seems more of a night scene, than a wedding scene, although, I do like that one too.

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