Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So I registered...

I registered for Baby Thomas at Target and Babies R Us over the last week. And can we say....NOT as fun as the wedding registry? It is seriously intense, y'all! Always having to stress about the brand you are picking and whether or not it is harmful/deadly/ok for your baby? Yeah. Not the relaxing experience I had anticipated. Why I was expecting a relaxing experience, I dont know, but I was. Just like I did for my wedding registry (I'll have to talk about that sometime), I did a ton of research ahead of time and went with my list of must-haves, including the brands that I was choosing. I will share the list I came up with later , and it is a good starting point, but I learned a lot in the process. Let's just say that I ended up not registering for a whole lot of things that all the "must-have" lists told me that I needed. But I think that is another post for another day.

So what did I register for? Glad you asked! I will highlight the big ticket items that I picked, and why.

Turns out that Target is in fact NOT the end-all-be-all that I thought it would be for baby registry. My personal opinion is that they are great for cute items and reasonably priced accessories and even furniture, but not so great for things that require options-like strollers, car seats, etc. I went to Babies R Us to supplement the registry and to get a few more things that Target didnt have or didnt have in the right brand.

Stroller/Car Seat
I chose the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe stroller and car seat. These are often sold as a travel system (it's actually why I picked it) but Target does not have that option actually sold in stores (here it is online though), so I registered for them separately just in case.

Pretty, right? I chose the black because it is easy to clean/doesn't show stains and it will work for a girl if we have one in the future/if the future isnt so far off that these dont get outdated. But mostly I chose it because it is the best travel system for us. It will work for when we want to put the car seat inside as well as later when we just need the stroller. It is lightweight and easy to unfold/fold and the car seat snaps in and out super easily. It is just the most ideal for US and our lifestyle and all the travel that we do. Plus it will work well on terrain that isnt level. So again, perfect for us!

Playtex Diaper Genie

The diaper pail is an item that seems to be super controversial in mommy land. Not that you should or shouldnt have one, but which one you should have. So after doing research, I decided to try out the Playtex Diaper Genie. There are a ton of other brands out there, but this one got great reviews as far as odor lock goes. There was one other option, but after seeing it in person, I went with the Playtex brand. The other option was great and also had great reviews, but it looked like you would have to squeeze diapers through a small hole in order to get it into the pail itself. I dont know about you, but squeezing poopy diapers through a small hole does not sound good to me, no matter how much odor control it provides!

 Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym
This is one of the cutest things ever. One of the things that I read is that babies need to have a floor mat to play on. But there are like 8,000 different floor mats...so how in the world would I choose??? After more research, I found the Kick and Play. Being a musical soon-to-be mommy, I LOVE that it has a piano at the bottom. I know there will be times when I wish it didnt have it because it is going to make too much noise, but I love that I will be exposing Thomas to music at such an early age.

Fisher-Price Jumperoo-Rainforest Friends
 Ahh the Jumperoo. Another one of those things that moms say are a must. So I picked the one that got the best reviews and that I liked the best. Nothing exciting, but hopefully he likes it!

Dr. Brown's Bottle and Feeding Set
I plan on breastfeeding, so I am not registering for a ton of bottles. I may end up regretting this, but I just dont have the room for extra stuff that I wont need. That being said, Dr Brown's are supposedly the best, so I went with those in a gift set that comes with all the pieces that I might need.

Cloud 9 On the Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine-Giraffe

How cute is this guy?? I just fell in love with him. So he is a stuffed animal that is also a noise-machine. Doesnt get much better than that! Not only is he cute, but he serves a purpose! He also has straps that attach to a car seat or stroller, so that is totally perfect for the car rides that are bound to happen!

 Baby Bullet 20-Piece Food System
I am planning on making Thomas' baby food, and I thought this gift set was a great place to start. It includes the actual food maker itself, as well as some storage containers. I dont have a food processor or a great blender, so this easy to clean option will hopefully fit the bill.

Diaper Bag

Am I the only one that has had an impossible time finding a diaper bag that I actually like? I just feel like that if I am going to carry a bag around every day, I want it to be pretty! I found this one at Babies R Us and I think it us super cute! It is pretty roomy, so it should have room for everything that I need for baby and for me.

Safety First Satellite Premier Play Yard
 The play yard (or Pack and Play) is a must have for mommies, or at least so I hear. Thomas will be sleeping in our room in the pack and play for a while, and it also will go with us on car trips, so I wanted one that had it all. This one is pretty cool. It has a changing table, basinet, AND a storage tower that will be perfect for hotel rooms. I'm pretty excited about it!

4moms mamaRoo Classic Infant Seat
This is one of those dream items. It is SUPER expensive, but is basically the best of the best. Its a rocker and a bouncer and it takes up  no space at all. It is definitely a dream thing, but I put it on there because I am a dreamer:)

So what do you think about these items? Did you have good experiences with any of these brands? Want to see everything I registered for? Check out my Target registry here and my Babies R Us registry here!

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