Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bumpdate Week 24

This post is a day late (sorry mom) because I didnt take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and instead waited til the last minute to take pictures of the bump. So Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy, cold, and yucky. SO not going out in that to take pictures.We had some great weather today, and my Ellie girl decided to take part in the pictures.

How far along? 24 weeks

Weight Gain: 7.5 pounds

How Big is Baby? Cantaloupe (yum!)

Maternity Clothes? Love my fat pants, but I have been trying to rotate some different tops into my usual rotation!

Stretch Marks? No new ones to report

Sleep? What's that? Cant sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I guess that's my body's way of preparing me for what's to come. 

Best Moment of the Week: Buying the nursery bedding for Thomas. More on that later :) Mom also bought Thomas some super cute smocked outfits at the big sale I mentioned last week. I didnt get to go, but what she got is so adorable :)

Movement: So funny story. Remember last week how I talked about Thomas moving for Ellie? Well it happened again. I was lying in bed awake the other night (I know you other preggos know how I feel!) and it dawned on me that I hadnt felt Thomas move in a while, which I thought was strange since I had been laying there for what felt like FOREVER. I rolled over, and Ellie snuggled up to my belly. Almost immediately, Thomas started to move. I love that Thomas and Ellie are already best friends! I cant wait for them to meet each other on the outside. :)

Food Cravings: Fruit. Fruit. and more Fruit.  

Gender: Baby Selman is a BOY!!!

What I Miss: Sleep. Not having to pee every five seconds. I would KILL for a medium rare steak and sushi right now. And all these spring fashions popping up and the pretty Fall 2014 clothes from Fashion Week are REALLY making me want to be able to wear normal clothes again!

What I'm looking forward to: Clearing  out the baby room this weekend. Ben is building some amazing drawers/shelves to flank the crib, and I hope to narrow down some paint colors this weekend as well. Lots going on over here:)

Symptoms: It's just pee city over here.

Emotions:When I'm good, I'm good. But Lord help you if I'm not. I have never felt rage like this in my life, and can only imagine how much more momma bear is going to come out once Thomas is born!

Belly Button in or out?  Pretty shallow but still in My doctor says I apparently have a deep belly button so mine may not pop out at all.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on during the day and off at night.

Things I Need To Do: Well I found the bedding and curtains, and I am ordering the chair in a few weeks when my parents are here. Ben is working on some cabinets and the design for the closet. Still need to pick a paint color, register (doing that Sunday!), get the crib built, find a changing table and paint/stain it, or build one if we cant find what we like. Then just the little details. But I feel SUCH a sense of relief that the bedding is taken care of! I plan to post my inspiration for the nursery as well as some pictures of the space soon, so check back for all that. 

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  1. Looking great! And my belly button didn't pop with my first one either but it's looking like it just might this time around! Make sure to swing by and enter my PinkBlush Maternity giveaway - their clothes work for postpartum too! Happy Valentines Day!


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