Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Trip Report: Day 6

Well, I'm a little behind on this, but well, that's life. So today I will give you the slightly anticlimactic Day 6 and follow with my tips and tricks post tomorrow.

Our last day at Disney was fun, even though we didn't actually go to any parks. We all slept in then grabbed a quick breakfast at Mara, the quick service restaurant in our resort. We made one last stop to the gift store then rushed to pack up and head out to Downtown Disney.
A panoramic view from our amazing room!
My giant nerd in a cute hat!

Look, it's Simba!
The people on that balcony to the right are the Altizers-it was so cool that we could see them from our room!
I think we could spend a whole day at Downtown Disney! There is so much to do here, from shopping to a bowling alley! This would be a great place to use an off-day from the parks and still be entertained. It is a lot of walking though, so I wouldn't do this if you are wanting a rest day!
One of the entrances to the Marketplace at Downtown Disney. 
We headed first to lunch at Portobello, an Italian restaurant. It was actually really yummy! I had the mushroom pizza-it was just OK. I was trying to try different things when I should have just stuck with what I know-pasta! For desert I had a pistachio gelato that was out of this world!
Yummy Italian food!
From lunch we did a little walking and shopping. We stopped at the Legoland store (super cool) where Ben (and the rest of us!) was mesmerized by all the things that were made out of Legos!

Then we headed to the Disney store, a HUGE store dedicated to all things Disney. We ended up buying a lot of Christmas presents for our families, so that was awesome! Ben and I headed to the Christmas store to look at their nutcrackers (my only collection obsession) and ended up buying a Mickey Mouse dressed up as Santa nutcracker. I cant show it to you because I technically don't have it yet (Ben is making me wait til Christmas-lame!) but he is super cute!

He was not happy that I made him wear this hat : )
We made a quick stop at the Ghirardelli store for Chris then loaded up the car and headed home!

I know this post wasn't super exciting, but I promise I will have an awesome post loaded with great tips and planning resources for you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! Those legos are crazy. Thanks for sharing.
    (Found you on #31dbc.

  2. What a fun trip! We only learned about Lego Land recently, and I'm thrilled to discover there's a small one just a few hours from us. Those are some great pictures! Can't wait to see what you have for the 31 days blogging challenge. Have a blessed fall!


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