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Disney Trip Report: Day 4

We are halfway to the end of this series! Thanks for sticking around!

On Day 4 of our Disney Trip, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios (or MGM, as most of us still remember it!). We decided to sleep in a little, and we were glad we did! We felt so much more rested and it made the late night a little easier! We added a 4th day to our Park Hopper Pass (we had previously only done a 3 day as we weren't sure if we would spend the 4th day in the park but decided that we would!), and hopped on the bus to Hollywood Studios.
The view right as you walk in to Hollywood Studios
When we got there we headed straight for Rockin' Roller Coaster. There was NO WAIT! Anyone that has been at Disney during peak season will tell you that you can wait HOURS for this ride! So we walked right on, rode it, walked out, and rode it again! We just couldn't believe that we got to ride it so many times in such a short amount of time! This ride is so much fun, and we all loved it!
The front of Rockin' Roller Coaster

Continuing the "Hats of Disney" shoot. 
We walked out of the ride and saw the Altizers. At this point, the older boys and Amy wanted to ride Tower of Terror. Dena and I had no interest whatsoever of riding this ride, so we took Caden and went and got a frozen lemonade-because it was hot!
They are on the right side of the back row!
My yummy and refreshing frozen pink lemonade. 
We decided to walk over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular to get seats. The big kids got out just in time for the show. It is such a cool show, y'all! It was even better than I remembered it from when I was younger. Caden got a little scared from the loud noises and fire. *I would recommend keeping the younger kids out of this show, unless they are cool with loud noises and fire. It is a super cool show but if your kid has not learned to distinguish real and make believe or if they are scared of loud noises and explosions, it may be a little on the scary side.*

The set for the show.

After the show we were ready for lunch, so we headed for Toy Story's Pizza Planet. I LOVED this place. In busier seasons I could see where it would be packed with rugrats, but it was fine when we went! Ben and I both ordered meatball subs with a side of Cesar salad. I love how they add that healthy option in-at this point we were sick of fries! Chris and Ben decided they wanted to play a NASCAR racing game, and they had a blast doing it!

We wanted to give our food a chance to settle, so we headed for the Muppet's 3D show that was across the way from the restaurant. It was an OK movie with some cute humor, but the full tummies and tired eyes made us all want to fall asleep! The next showing of the Beauty and the Beast stage show was coming up, so we made our way to that stage. On the way, one of the street performers started her comedy show with Chris. It was so funny, and she had the best time joking on his mullet! One of her funniest lines that we are STILL talking about was in reference to Dena not liking his hair super short and the performer said "And THIS was your compromise?" She then asked him what he did for a living that he was so "business in the front and party in the back." It was such a neat experience, and I love that Disney has these performers out to entertain!

We finally made our way to the Beauty and the Beast stage show and it did NOT disappoint. It was the first musical stage show I had gotten to watch, and I was SO excited. The performers were great, and I loved getting to hear all the songs that I love!

After this show we met up with the Altizers (we had split up after the Indiana Jones show) and went to "Lights, Motors, Action," another stunt show showing how car stunts are done. It was really interesting to see how some car chases are filmed, and it was a nice rest.

After this show we walked over to the Backlot Tour. This is a behind the scenes tour of what goes on at Hollywood Studios, as well as some old movie props and costumes. It is a really interesting tour, so do it!

From the Backlot Tour we went to the Great Movie Ride. It was a little disappointing, and we were sitting in the back of the car, so we couldn't hear. Over all, this is an attraction to skip for us. It might be more exciting if we knew what was going on, but it was not something that we particularly cared for. One of the coolest parts of our day was walking to the Great Movie Ride. A Photo Pass Photographer stopped and asked us if we wanted him to take our picture. We said we did and he graciously took our camera to do it. We found out after he took the picture that it wasnt even his assigned spot, he just saw our anniversary buttons and thought it would be nice. I LOVE this about Disney-the cast members go above and beyond to take care of you!

After that we went to the Little Mermaid stage show. It was a little too short for me (I wanted more music!) but I loved the bright colors and the puppets they used to portray the sea creatures! It was so creative and I LOVED it! We were running short on time and we knew we wanted to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster, so we ran back over to that and rode it one last time.

We decided to get a snack before Fantasmic, so Ben and I split a turkey leg. Y'all. SO. GOOD. This is a well-known item here at Hollywood Studios, and it did not disappoint! That thing was HUGE and was more than enough for Ben and I to split!

They opened the lines for Fantasmic and we ran in to get a seat. We waited about 15 minutes and then the show started. I think this was my favorite of all the shows/fireworks we saw at Disney. It incorporates all the different Disney princes and princesses and all the characters as well. The show involves water, lights, fireworks, and so much more! *If you do one fireworks show at Disney, do this one. I LOVED it. It is more show than fireworks, but it is so amazing. Please go watch it!!*

We cut out a minute early and watched the fireworks from the walkway. We ran out and immediately caught a bus to Downtown Disney. When we got there, we picked up a few things at the Marketplace, then walked to Raglan Road. I didn't take any pictures of our food because I just didn't find it exceptional. I was a little disappointed because it came so highly recommended by friends of ours. I think if the Irish dancers had been there it would have been better, but the atmosphere was a little loud and the food was mediocre. Overall not my favorite place we ate, but I would go back if the dancers were going to be there!

After dinner we headed back to our villas and went to bed.

Thanks for reading Day 4!

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Come back tomorrow for Day 5 and my favorite park-EPCOT!

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