Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Fashion Wrap-Up

I had intended on doing a full-blown Grammy fashion post with do's and dont's, but after talking with my friend and fellow blogger Sarah, I realized that the Grammy's was not the place to talk about true fashion. Traditionally, the Grammys are a more casual award show and are usually the time when we see the inner freak flag flying super high for so many red-carpet walkers. So in light of that, I am going to highlight my top 5 females of the night. There honestly werent that many to choose from, and my choices may surprise you, but fashion is subjective and this is what I liked!

 5. Estelle in her own design

I thought this dress was so cool and different. I like that it was more funky than anything else on that red carpet, but it still was classy and almost elegant, despite the bold print.

4. Solange Knowles in Ralph and Russo Couture

I mean wow. Girl outshined her sister like nobody's business! I even love the fro!

3. Kathy Griffin in Oscar de la Renta

Kathy was beautiful! She has really evolved into a fashionista (and her body is AMAZING).

2. Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia

I really didnt want to like this because I am not a huge fan of Rihanna, but she was STUNNING. My favorite part was that she chose silver jewelry instead of gold. I thought it was a sharp contrast and super cool!

1. Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra

I mean...what can you say? No, she may not have followed the dress code, but dang that girl looks good! This picture doesnt do it justice, but I loved the unexpected pop of emerald jewelry. She really did look elegant despite all the skin!

I  know that this is not what you would call the best-dressed couple, but I could just not get over how beautiful and radiant Amber Rose looked! She was so happy and SO pregnant! I loved it!

Well that's a wrap, y'all! I'm happy that I got my feet wet with this whole red carpet wrap-up thing, and I am excited for the Oscars more than ever! 

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